KISS : This one project looks after 12k tribal students

The tribes in India are the most neglected section of the society. They are more than often deprived of the basic amenities of human life. Achyuta Samanta, was disturbed by the derogatory life of the children in the tribal region. He himself being a sufferer of poor living decided to do something for these children. Thus, the project for developing Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences came into play.

KISS, Achyuta Samanta, Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences

This institute was founded by Samanta with the vision to provide basic amenities like food, shelter and education and healthcare facilities absolutely free to the children from tribes of Odisha. He started off this project with 100 children in the year 1993. This little endeavour has taken a bigger form as now it accommodates over 25,000 children. They are provided vocational assistance and basic education. The all-round developments are taken care off. Dr. Samanta has faced a troubled childhood with his father passing away at a very young age. He struggled to make the both ends meet with his mother and seven siblings forming his family. His childhood has inspired him to work for these underprivileged children who are struggling to get a healthy childhood. There are more than 12,000 girls attending KISS. There have been tie-ups with big institutes of the country namely IITs and NITs.

KISS, Achyuta Samanta, Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences

Achyuta Samanta has been honored with the Highest Civilian award of Baharain in the year 2015. He has also been the proud recepient of a number of national and international prestige including Jawaharlal Nehru Award in 2012. The children from his institute have proved their excellence in the field of sports winning the Rugby Tournament organised in Manchester in 2011. Samanta looks forward to serving more than 2,00,000 tribal children in various Indian states in order to add color and life to their already demeaned lifestyle. Such a vision of Dr. Samanta is indeed an inspiration to the educated youth of the nation to help uplift the thriving tribal societies.



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