What is so positive about – “Making India Awesome”



26116175“Making India Awesome” is the latest book penned by Chetan Bhagat, prominent author and motivational speaker. His seven novels starting from five point someone to half girlfriend were block buster hits among Indian Youth. Making India awesome is his book which is a collection of articles he has written at several columns about how to address various solutions to India’s problems.

Here are some of the positive aspects of the book – first of all he divided all our problems into five categories – politics, economy, society, equality, youth. Politics is out purview of positive.news so, we don’t discuss it here but the author made a wonderful analysis about various political developments without bias which we consider it to be a positive aspect.

Regarding “Make in India”, he has some critical analysis which makes a user love to read that article. He compares ‘companies’ with ‘children’ and ‘making profit’ is ‘making fun’ . Our India scenario is compared with Chinese and useful suggestions are made by Chetan.

Next he talks about various social aspects and tells us how to improve quality of food we consume, food education, and our addiction to unhealthy food practices. He talks about cleanliness which should be imbibed in our culture. He writes on Hindi as our language – what is the problems associated with it. “We must have gods in our mind but we should also have some science in it” – This one of the bravest statement which is apt to our current Indian scenario. Chetan writes also about talking sex, common sense in some of our daily practices etc.

Chetan gives some wonderful advice to women-  having reasonable expectations. No, he is not being feminist here. He wrote articles which are applicable to both urban and rural women who have a lot of differences. Chetan urges every women should have a career and their men should support them in this aspect. ‘He asks men to outsource the job of making hot Phulkas for dinner’. Hilarious is his article  on “Fifty shades of fair” which talks about our Indian society’s deep rooted bias towards fairness.

When he talks about minorities, he is not biased – he doesn’t say Indian muslim is wrong neither is Indian Hindu. Chetan gives interesting analysis on what us wrong – not people but ideologies. He points at a Turkish Muslim, a Saudi Muslim and an Indian Muslim and asks us who is true muslim ? – this is an excellent insight for many of us.

Finally when talks about youth, here as everyone believes, Chetan also believes that the India can developed by Youth and it’s in the hands of them. He gives a recent survey results and tells us how to work on improving primary education in India by using technology and experienced teachers. He stresses on “Marks are not everything “ idea by pointing out his 76 % X marks and how US universities have the selection procedure based on all round personality of the student.

At the end, he says one thing – “If one in a billion can have so many ideas , then everyone should have some brilliant ideas and many youth can come forward and implement them.” Chetan asks every individual to dedicate 10 % of their media statuses to discuss about country’s problems positively.



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