The tea seller who donates half his earnings everyday

Education for all is the  motto for our nation where illiteracy sets a major drawback for development. Despite many measures by Govt,  children dwelling below poverty line often stay away from school. The surroundings in which they grow up along with the financial crunch forces the children to maintain a distance from school premises.

education slum           Here comes a hear warming story, fifty five years old Prakash Rao, hailing from Cuttack in Orissa is a small tea stall owner. Every morning he serves milk for free to a group of children and guess what he does more? Yes, he is a Godfather to the children living in the slum region around his shop. If Rao had not taken the initiative to send these kids to school, they would have suffered terribly in the shadiness of illiteracy.

Rao had left his education in class eleven although he managed to get a scholarship and thus he knows very well,  the real need to be educated. After seeing the plight of his slum children, he started a school named ‘Asha O Ashwan‘ and it has been successful to draw in kids who never went to the government schools around their locality. Rao’s school provides education for free to 60 kids till class 3. The guardians say that they would have never managed to send their children to school, if Rao did not come up with this project. After the students complete their education till class 3, he helps them to get admission in the government schools for completing their secondary education.

Without any fund from any organisation or government, Rao invests Rs. 10000 from the small profit of Rs. 20000 he earns from his tea stall per month. He pays four teachers in his institutions and provides the basic requirement to the children pursuing their studies in his school.  His inspiration to work comes when he notices parents becoming responsible and children learning in there.  Morale education helps build a strong nation is what he believes in. Beside this, Rao has made a group of 50 volunteers who voluntarily donates blood during any crisis occurring in the city. His work towards making a better India is truly commendable!

The Positive India salutes this unsung hero !!



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