Madhava Reddy: Serving Society passionately with Social Media Networks

Madhav Reddy helps Ravi.

Ravi hails from a remote village in Adilabad. He comes to Hyderabad to get his ailing mother treated. Doctors inform him that he needs four units of AB+ve blood. He is clueless as he cannot afford to buy it from a Blood bank. This is not the situation of Ravi alone. Hundreds of people come across similar situations every day. Mr Madhava Reddy identified this problem. Now Ravi comes to know about Madhava Reddy through a hospital staff member and messages to Madhava Reddy that he needs AB+ve blood within an hour. And the required blood is arranged within half hour. Mr Reddy arranged blood to thousands of such people with the help of his network.

Madhav Reddy helping blind students.

One teacher at a blind student’s school asks Mr Reddy for a scribe to help a blind student write an exam next day – scribe arranged by evening. A young talented student tells Mr Reddy that he is looking for a job_three interviews arranged within a day. One govt school asks for computers for their lab_computers delivered at school with the help of corporates. One college management seeks motivation for students and Mr Reddy ignites their minds through his social media awareness session. Hundreds of orphans were deprived of Aadhaar cards just because they don’t have a permanent address or parents. Madhava Reddy took the issue to Nanda Nilekani, Chairman UIDAI and got the Aadhar cards issued for orphans.


Born to a farmer from Vasapuram village, unfortunately, affected by polio at a tender age of 3 years, there emerged a man, Mr Madhava Reddy, with an intense passion for studies thereby graduated from the prestigious institute, NIT Warangal and ultimately made a record of ‘First graduate’ from his village. As his zeal has no full stop, he did his Post Graduation and PhD too and settled as a Sub Divisional Engineer in BSNL.

Madhava Reddy:Serving Society passionately with Social Media Networks | The Positive India
Madhava Reddy:Serving Society passionately with Social Media Networks | The Positive India

His interest towards serving society has taken roots during that stage and his magnanimous acts include addressing school children especially the needy regarding importance of higher education, organizing job melas, student-centric learning and development programs, motivational classes termed as Jeevan Vidya Program imparting life skills in different perspectives and bringing out the actual nature of a person to live in harmony with self, family and society. He makes others realize that real happiness lies in being oneself with deep contentment and doing a bit to make others to be the same. The intangible impact of this program was observed with the relief that people felt after this program. There was an unbelievable change in the inmates of Cherlapally open jail who underwent the same program and were able to come out of mental agony and also could see the optimistic side of life and society.As each and every part of a tree is for the sake of others’ use, he being pleased with his basic and next level needs, is also involved in conservation activities like ‘Walk for water’ to save water and protect nature. To alert the young blood and enable them to move in a right direction, Mr Madhava Reddy organises social media awareness campaigns and to exemplify the use of such technology he managed to provide blood to hundreds of patients in the emergency.

Madhava Reddy's efforts recognised by various newspapers
Madhava Reddy’s efforts recognised by various newspapers

Optimum utilisation of power or available resources gives fruitful results. So he has been campaigning about zero budget politics to clear the pollutants involved over there and also to promote budding politicians by delivering apt information in the field of health, education and employment which would tap the majority of the system. He defines his campaign as ‘encouraging election contestants with minimum “money” but maximum “beyond money”.

He is also into rural development activities, raising funds to the needy, make technology reach the right participants: school students and youngsters, supporting NGO activities, arranging medical camps and many loads. If someone asks what makes him happy, he says from the core of his heart: “Helping in which ever possible way he can, to set a man in right position.”  This person has filled his heart with full of compassion and gratitude towards mankind, motherland and nature. May this man’s movements make mankind more magnificent! His detailed profile can be seen at

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  1. I am saying BIG Thank you to the site owner. And title itself giving positive environment to read the articles. Thank you again for identifying Mr. Madhava Reddy Anna and on his social activities. He is looking for better society. He initiated and implementing so many activities like Walk for Water, Blood donation, Social media awareness programs and ZBP (Zero Budget Politics). Thank you Anna.

  2. Salutes to Sri Madhava reddy Garu for putting every effort to ensure better India .we need more such great people to get a change in the attitude of our people . Our Nation is very rich with man power . By proper utilization of man power , our Nation will be the super power in the universe .

  3. Brilliant and selfless services of you Madhava Reddy Sir. Can I request and expect you to take up another project. Can it be fisible, if possile, to take up and eradicate the prostitution, being done for Bread & Butter by helpless innocent ladies. Just think.


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