This Modern Madarassa teaches Computers and Sanskrit.

                  What comes to your mind when you hear the word Madarassa ? A religious school for Muslims ? Yes, you are right. But a Madarassa in Rampur, Uttar Pradesh is doing wonderful job to redefine the word’s definition. It not only admits Hindu students but also teaches them Sanskrit too. This Madarassa is acting as bridge between both communities. Most Hindu students studying here choose to learn Sanskrit but a few of them chose to learn Quranic studies too and notably there are a few Muslim students who learn Sanskrit too.

Student learning through technology

This Madarassa Jamiatul Ansar, established by Hafiz Kalby Hasan Ansari in 1932 at Astabal Road, Ganj, Rampur. This Madarassa is modern too. They also teach latest subjects like computers and other subjects. Thus this Madarassa has become a regular school and is popular among both communities in the surroundings area. The Hindu parents in this area do note the quality of education and increasing number of parents are coming forward to join their wards in this Madarassa.

The Madramadarassa teaches computer sanskritssa is affiliated to the Uttar Pradesh Board of Madrassa Education, Lucknow. Besides Islamic studies, the curriculum includes English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Mathematics, Social Studies and Science. Although there are
some Muslim teachers teaching Sanskrit, there are Hindu teachers too at the institution

                    Principal Mohammad Ahsan said Times of India , “We are not confined to Arabic and Islamic studies. We have seen Hindu students move here from other schools. We offer a good education in science, mathematics and the languages, including English.



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