A Life Saving Innovation by an Indian at Imperial

               Every year about 300 million children die due to lack of proper care at neonatal stage. A student at Imperial college , London, came up with an innovation to solve this problem. He designed an ultra low cost baby incubator named BabyLife Box.  In developing countries, a lot of babies die due to lack of proper care as parents cannot afford baby incubator due to high costs involved. This life saving innovation will be a boon for those people in developing countries. The Box is completely made with cardboard and is designed to provide basic functions necessary for child survival in first days of life.

Malav with BabyLife Box

              BabyLife Box won third prize at a pitching competition named Pitch@Palace and the innovator is Malav Sanghavi from India. Malav is currently a student at Imperial College. “Pitching in front of so many important people at St James’s Palace was nerve-racking, but I was confident in my idea, and I’m really happy that the audience recognised its promise. This has given the whole team the boost we need to move forward – we’re now looking for investment to help develop viable prototypes of BabyLifeBox for testing and clinical trials” says Malav. Malav received a 500 pounds grant for the prototyping from Imperial College Advance Hackspace.

              Pitch@Palace is an initiative which aims to support entrepreneurs by connecting them with potential supporters and investors. Liked our story ? Read more by subscribing to our newsletter below.



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