Lady survives two cancers, her work now amazes us

Hyma reddy survived two cancers who is now a yoga teacher working currently for Kuwait government. She completed her schooling from Warangal district in Telangana and did her PhD in yoga and started career as yoga trainer. Her first job was with Balaji Telefilms in Chennai. She has been practicing yoga for 20 years.

             She toured many countries before she was diagnosed with two types of cancer. What makes her special is that she fought two types of cancer bravely.  With her will power and positive mindset, she fought with it and gained victory over pain and the deadly disease Cancer. She says, she was inspired by and helped by Gautami  madam (Actress and a cancer survivor herself) in fighting the deadly disease. She emphasizes the importance of Positive attitude to survive the cancer.

          She met Kavitha, Telangana Jagruthi founder and TRS MP who helped her reclaim her life. She says, “I never thought that I would survive and see everyone.” . Now she got an idea to make her life story as movie so that she could inspire many people about living positively to fight deadly diseases. Immediately, she swung into action. Her film is “Life Again” , aptly named to convey the message.

           “The whole movie ‘Life Again’ will be full of Fun. Each scene in the movie will give the audience a positive message.” says Hyma. Hyma and Gautami are part of the movie. They are playing their own roles in the movie. The film is to inspire people and to create awareness. Hyma has also declared that the movie is not an commercial movie.

‘Life Again’ is the real-time story of Hyma’s life which is aimed to cover her transformation saga from pain to hope, from despair to dreams, from terminal illness to triumph and from lamenting over pain to building “Life Again”.




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