School students come up with wonderful green endeavour

Problems associated with the environmental degradation due to several human activities are common. Managing the waste, initiative to control pollution, ensuring a better ecological balance are the steps adopted by the students of KK English School, Banglore . The school is located near Varathur Lake has been successful to awaken their students for a better world. The Lake used to be a site of a distinct variety of flora and fauna. With the increasing environmental degradation, it has been assessed that the lake would soon be covered with nitrates and sulphates. These chemicals would be responsible for the lake to dry up.

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The students of this school have made a remarkable step ahead with taking up the endeavour to teach the guardians and the people associated with self help group residing in the vicinity, the technique of waste management. They have now made recycling a convenient option for them. On the parts of the student, they have taken measures in turn to decrease waste due to plastic. The bottles made of plastic are sold to the dealers of plastic while thinner ones are put to asphalting the roads. Shayadri, the club taking up ecological welfare measures are donated the money collected from the selling of the waste plastics. The schools initiative has prevented encroachment upon silted lakes by planting saplings to promote greenery.

The teachers and students have encouraged the software companies like Intel and Tata Consultancy Services to protect the environment. They have taught about the technicality of managing and separating wastes accumulated in and around them. This commendable initiative has got its reward through Windar la Go-Green Award, Wipro Earthian Awards and others. They believe in promoting greenery and bringing about a balance in the chain of ecosystem.



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