This 16 year old can make computers out of scrap

Mumbai’s 16-year-old Jayant Parab stands as an example of making the best out the worst. He has become popular for taking out scrap from his then small-time collecting scrap dealer father’s shop and turning it into a computer.

Jayant posing with his 9-inch computer that he made from scrap
Jayant posing with his 9-inch computer that he made from scrap

“I want to make affordable computers. The computer I have made is from leftovers from offices, banks and hospitals,” he said Mid Day, pointing to his newly assembled computer. “The screen is similar to one seen in operation theatres. It’s not a real computer. I used bits and pieces from here and there, and acrylic for the body, which I cut myself. What you see is the first step towards achieving my dream.”

            As his father was a scrap dealer himself, his childhood lead him to pick up e-waste, add some wires and additional functions to make it into something useful to get it run. “In Std V, he repaired a laptop that an office had disposed of. That was the time I sort of knew that he would end up in the field of computers,” Ravindra Parab, his father.

His father now collects scrap and old computers from hospitals, schools and offices. He sells some of this e-waste, he sends some for recycling, and gives some to his son to work on it. The youngster says the e-waste he gets is usually “as bad as it could get”. “But I try to modify it, by adding new parts and wires. So, it becomes as good as new. If nothing happens, such computers can be used by families and students who can’t afford to buy a regular one,” says Jayant.

Jayant is now pursuing his X standard from St.Theresa High School in Andheri through correspondence. “I am also learning about [ethical] hacking and security systems through a course on computers. I want to ultimately revolutionise the e-waste industry,” says Jayant.




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