8 things you need to know about India’s own GPS – NAVIC(IRNSS)


GPS (Global Positioning System ) is a technology used knowing the position information. GPS is currently owned and operated by US.  Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) envisioned a indigenous GPS-like technology for India named IRNSS or NAVIC.

Here are a few things which we wrote about IRNSS, India’s GPS:-

  1. IRNSS is  Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System  comprising of seven satellite constellation. It is said to be termed as NAVIC (Navigation with Indian constellation)  by our PM, Narendra Modi.
  2. India can have its own positioning system. India was denied positioning information during Kargil war by US. Now we need not rely on any country even during war time. All credit goes to Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) for envisioning NAVIC.

    8 things you need to know about India's own GPS - NAVIC | The Positive India
    8 things you need to know about India’s own GPS – NAVIC | The Positive India
  3. India can provide position information in radius of 1500 Kms around mainland. Almost all SAARC countries can use our technology
  4. India is the fifth country to have its own positioning system. The other four are USA, Russia, China, Japan.
  5. The NAVIC is developed with an estimated cost of Rs 1420 crore including satellites and associated ground segment
  6. The ISRO launched IRNSS-1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 1E and 1F in July 2013, April 2014, October 2014, March 2015, January 2016 and March 2016, respectively. Out of the seven satellites, three have been positioned in geostationary orbit, while four others, including IRNSS-1G, is a part of geosynchronous orbit
  7. The IRNSS will provide two types of services – standard positioning service and restricted service. The former is provided to all users and the later is an encrypted service for authorised users
  8. The current mobile devices’ GPS tracker cannot receive the IRNSS signal. New receivers have to be built and more manufacturers should come forward to so that civilians can benefit out of IRNSS.



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