An inspiring journey of a woman into greatness

Positive stories are abundant around us. This is what positive news believes in Inspiration overflows from them. One such incredibly amazing life is that of a frail women rising from 5Rs / day farm labourer to the CEO of a  50+ crore turnover company in USA. It’s a  journey from Narsimhula Gudem to North America.

This is the story of Ms. Jyothi Reddy, as the name suggests she coverts darkeness into light by inspiring many people. Born into a humble family at a Hamlet near Warangal with meager means , she had to struggle a lot to have even secondary education in a government school. She joined an orphanage in Warangal and had her school education . But at what price ? She had to lie that she lost her mother even when she was actually alive to join as orphan. It was a unbearable torture for her for five long years.!!

After tenth class, she was forced to marry a farmer and became a mother of two at the age of 18. The inability to feed her children due to various issues in the family awakened not only the mother but also women in her.

Through correspondence mode, she did her Bachelor’s degree. She fought a legal battle and  got a teacher’s post.  While working as a teacher, she has to stay away from the family looking after her two very young daughters. She used to work for part time by selling saris in the train while commuting to

Jytohi Redd

work. At a position in her life, she picked up half rotten vegetables thrown away unable to afford the fresh ones.

Once a friend of her who lives in US told her about all the facilities in US and then she started dreaming of going to US. She cannot speak English properly when she first landed in US on a temporary Visa. Such is her courage and determination to Succeed. After doing several petty jobs in US , she finally landed a decent job in a Indian owned company as a recruiter. Even after securing a decent job, she didn’t relent in dreaming. She aimed at starting her own company and finally with her savings she started one in phoenix in 2011 and now is offering wonderful opportunities to hundreds of aspirants every year. Her regular visits to India bring light, cheer and inspiration to thousands of orphans She is a symbol of positivity. Courage , confidence, consistent efforts, competence building , hope, humanity etc have been her tools. She is now CEO of KEY Software Solutions. You can read more about her at

The positive news salutes her !!



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