Inspired Farmer – Earning More with organic farming

             Owner of 7 acres land in Karimnagar district, Myada Janardhan was caught in debt trap as many farmers. Driven by drought, completed by financial crisis, he left for dubai. Leaving wife, children, aged parents back home , he landed there as factory labourer. Away from home, never has he been happy except for the assured income.

              A ray of home was seen on the horizon of life, when Janardhan – on vacation at home this April – heard of Palekar’s training on Nature’s way of FARMING – Little investment – no chemicals- more income- healthy products – Eco friendly. He was at once drawn to it and attended the training camp for five days. He was convinced. He grew confident. He turned competent. He decided to stay back. At home, in nature’s lap, depending just on cow dung, cow urine, flour of pulses and jaggery, jeevamrutham,ghanamrutham helped Janardhan Reddy produce 63 quintals of organic paddy in just two acres – 33% more than usual with lower input costs. His chilli and turmeric crops too yielded good dividends. His mango orchard stunted almost for a decade  has now turned green and filling him with hope. The happy Janardhan now proudly claims that his income from farming is much more than his wages in Dubai .

         Janardhan of Thunguru, Sarangapur (mandal), Karimnagar can be contacted at 9949658753. Mother Nature’s dear son, M Janardhan, The Positive News salutes you. May your tribe multiply !!. Liked our story ? To read more, subscribe to our news letter below.



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