Despite the Odds He Succeeded: Indore Gardner’s Son Cracked JEE (Advanced) 2017

JEE Advanced, the golden ticket that many Engineering aspirants strive for to get admission in Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), and many other government colleges. Many brilliant minds every year have the chance of getting selected in the most prestigious institute of engineering. For some, their hopes come true while some learn where they were lacking in their endeavors. The result of JEE Mains and Advanced is always a source of great anticipation every year. This year nearly two lakh students appeared in the JEE (Advanced), second of the two-phase exam held in May, for over 11,000 seats available in 23 IITs across the country. The result of this decides whether a student gets selected in IIT or any other government college. Students work hard to achieve good score and even better rank. Many have the facilities readily handed to them while some work even hard for those. The story of Arpit Prajapt is quite inspiring for all the students.

Arpit Prajapat, the son of a Gardner from Madhya Pradesh’s Indore worked hard to fulfill his father’s dream of seeing him do well in life, by securing All-India Rank (AIR) 46 in Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) (Advanced) 2017. He completely dedicated the credit of his success to his Father, Harenam. He said his father inspired him with the story of mighty trees growing out of tiny a tiny seed.  Consistent study and a better understanding of the science’s concept helped him to score well in Advanced. He also shared that his father took a lot of pain to ensure that he continued his studies. He worked 12 to 14 hours every day to ensure it, and never ever shared his troubles with him. He also kept him away from all the distractions – whether it be family earnings or his pain. Harenam, who heard about JEE and IIT only a year ago is psyched with his son’s success.

Harenam shared that, when he visited the bungalows of the officers in Indore for gardening, he always dreamt his son living the life of an officer too. But due to the financial crisis, he couldn’t provide his son with better coaching. However, Prajapat being intelligent sat for a test organized by a private coaching institute and aced it thereby securing a scholarship. He is a student of a private school under Madhya Pradesh School Board in Indore and scored 88% in class 12th.

Image Source: Hindustan Times, Naidunia



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