Wonders happen when students meet for parliament

     The Indian Students Parliament was organised for 7th consecutive year in MIT, Pune from 17th to 19th January 2017. It is an aggregation of dynamic Indian students from class 12 to masters. This is an initiative by Mr. Rahul Karad who has a vision of making responsible politicians by training today’s youth who are the future of tomorrow. The Sansad was a huge success owing to participation of over 6500 students from all over the nation. Well organised and well thought sessions were a key feature of the parliament. Rigorous, mind boggling discussions on topics like freedom of speech, reservation, India in global perspective, role of multinational corporations, black money laundering etc. are dealt with. Student leaders and dignitaries were given a fair chance to voice their opinion on the given topics.

    Eminent speakers like Arnab Goswami, Baba Ramdev, Shiv Khera, Bhakti Sharma- a young well educated Sarpanch of village in Madhya Pradesh, N Gopalaswamy along with many others played catalysts in channelizing the thoughts of the youth.

How Indian student parliament went

IUS chief advisor Akhil speaking at Indian Student parliament.
IUS chief advisor Akhil speaking at Indian Student parliament.

Each day would end with a youth to youth connect session. The many youngsters were divided in classrooms and further into groups based on their areas of interest in nation building. Some of the causes were education, women’s rights, eradication of poverty, agriculture, cleanliness etc. On the first day, the youth was told to imagine India in ideal state of democracy. This brought out wonderful ideas which helped in identifying the goal. The next activity was to ensure an ideal system with respective topic. For example, groups who chose education were asked to come up with outline of an ideal education system, those who chose cleanliness were asked come up with their idea of Swachh Bharat. The third activity encouraged them to come up with action plan to achieve their goals. Last but not the least, the student leaders were told to reflect and list out the steps that they could do in their small way. This was the best part according to most of the students. It involved them directly in the system making them feel responsible and important. The idea as a whole strengthened one’s belief that Government, general public and youth together can bring about positive change for the country.

The Outcome

The energy in pandal for three days was electrifying. Even on reaching their respective states the students keep in tough through social media. They continue to interact and share their ideas for attaining the common goal- brighter and better India. Those who could not come physically joined the movement live through Facebook, YouTube. The Indian Students Parliament brought about the boundless energy of youth together who are now set to change the course of world history by re-establishing India on earth as a financially, spiritually and intellectually prosperous nation.

The author of this article is Shivani, a student of archaeology and Indology. Inquisitive about ancient Indian wisdom and attempt to spread the same is the purpose of my educational background. I also like travelling along with tasting the local cuisine.



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