This is how our Indian railways is changing !!

               How many times have you travelled on long distance trains and found it unclean or improperly maintained ? . Now, those days are gone. Indian Railways has last year announced ‘Clean My coach’ initiative on line with Swachh Bharath campaign. This initiative lets the passengers in long distance trains raise a ticket whenever they need any cleaning service in wash rooms or coaches. The long distance trains  usually have an on board house keeping staff but passengers always find it difficult to reach out to them.


             This initiative by Indian railways is a solution. They have developed a website and an app . Passengers may demand cleaning staff by entering PNR in the form given above. Passengers may also send their requests as SMS to 58888 by typing clean < Space ><10-digit-PNR>. The software named OBSERVE (On Board Services) will forward the request to mobile phone of the cleaner present in the particular train directly. The Railway Administration will also simultaneously receive an intimation of such requests for follow up .  Once a message is received, it is automatically sent to the concerned housekeeping staff and an assistant is assigned. The details will be messaged back to passenger along with a unique code. Once the assistant completes the job, he seeks the unique code. If passenger is satisfied, he can give the unique code. Only after unique code is entered by assistant the complaint is closed.

The service has been launched on 1297 trains in New Delhi/Northern Railway, Mumbai Central/Western Railway and Lucknow Jn/North Eastern Railway only for now. This service seems to be already a big hit – as per the website, over 19220 service requests were made in a day. As more and more people will know, this number is only going to increase!

Here is a passenger’s experience in his own words posted on quora  –

 “I was travelling from Delhi to Bangalore by train “Sampark Kranti Express”. Post dinner, I was busy talking to fellow travelers. I kept the water bottle by my side on seat. After some 10-15 minutes, we noticed water spilled from the bottle advancing at God speed towards the place where the luggage is kept. I tried my luck with paper to stop or at least reduce the speed.FYI, Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu launched Clean my coach service recently to address the cleanliness issues in bogies. I decided to check if it actually works.I sent a text message to respective number with my PNR and received an instant reply.Within second, received another message with the name and number of the attendant to be sent for cleaning (Chintoo here). He came in another minute, finished his task and asked for the code sent so that he can close the ticket raised by us. The complaint requests can be closed only on entering the code sent to the requester. And everything was done within 5 minutes, I mean who acts in such a brilliant way. I am really happy and kudos to Indian Railway. These little things matter the most. “

train cleaning
Mobile snapshot of passenger

Yes, as he rightly said, this little things matter the most for the common man. Kudos to Indian Railways. Kudos to Rail Min – Suresh Prabhu. You might be interested in our recent article where a women being harassed by co passenger was rescued just by a single tweet here



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