Immunization day: India needs to eliminate more ‘polios’

          The greatest gift to a human being is his good health. A healthy body is always ready to take up any challenge. There have been many advancements in the field of medicine in the past few decades. All possible efforts are being made towards making man capable of fighting diseases and staying healthy. With such advanced and improved medical facilities available to everyone, life has become easy-going and hassle free.

The governments across world and independent health organizations are putting in great efforts to make sure that every person gets the right medical facility at the right time. A major step towards making people healthy and resistant to diseases has been IMMUNIZATION. The administration of vaccines for infectious diseases protects a person against consequent infection or disease, thus increasing his immunity and ability to fight diseases.

      India was one amongst the countries that had the most vulnerable populations and less access to medical help. With continuous efforts towards providing vaccinations to people, especially children, India is now acclaimed globally for its successful elimination of Wild Polio Viruses (WPVs). India’s journey from hyperendemic to Polio-free has not been easy. There have been extensive programs organized to search for WPVs in children and subsequently ventured towards providing them with all medical treatment required.

Despite all the efforts, there are still reports of child death in huge numbers due to lack of vaccination. Surveys have shown that every year in India, over 2 million children under the age of 5 die and another 1 million or more are disabled for life. It is a distressing fact that the major cause for this state is that parents often forget to get their children vaccinated on time.

immuinization day

In a huge number of countries today, as a solution to this situation, “Immunization Remainder Services” have been started. These centers are contributing exceptional services in setting up remainders for parents to get their children vaccinated on time. India has one of the largest Universal Immunization Programs (UIP) in the world in terms of the quantities of vaccines used, number of beneficiaries covered, geographical spread and human resources involved. IAP-Immunize India is the world’s largest vaccination reminder service, and is available free of cost to parents anywhere in India. With extensive and continued efforts towards providing vaccinations for all the life-threating infectious diseases, we can look forward to have a healthier and disease-free world in the near future.

Today as we celebrate the World Immunization Day, it is also our duty to take up the responsibility of ensuring a healthy and immune society.



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