IIM Alumnus Gave up on Job to Start A Charitable School

Not very often do we come across stories which might make a difference in the very existence of human life. This IIM Alumnus has very well defined out the purpose of existence. Pooja Mishra, an IIM Calcutta alumnus is a living example of how to make a difference. She tried changing the world for the better. Mishra used her personal savings to start the school located in Purasi, Raebareli. This was right after she opted out of the placement process to start the school named ‘Gurukul’ in 2012.

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The Story

The school which began with 23 children, now has a whopping 978 students.


In a vast country like India even the government finds it difficult to deliver quality education services across far flung villages. it is much easier to concentrate on cities, which anyways are touted as the growth engines of tomorrow’s India,”

said Pooja Mishra who runs Gurukul Public School.

In times when education is so expensive, here’s one woman who has taken it upon herself to impart education to the rural, underprivileged children free of cost. Most of all, initiating such a thing is a great thing itself.

Elaborating on her point she continued,”So what does it lead to? It leads to government primary and secondary schools which serve more as day care centers providing a low-quality meal during the day and having a few caretakers while the children make merry in the dust, all the while unaware that their future also is turning to dust.”

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To break this jinx of lack of quality education, Gurukul attempts to break the status quo.

The key is that all children, irrespective of caste, color, class, and creed receive education absolutely free. Socially conscious and highly successful individuals from the IIM and IIT network made it possible by helping Mishra. They not only sponsored the education of these children but also mentor their progress year on year and ensured that they do not drop out of the school system while also realizing their true potential in life.

Giving Up On Job To Start A Charitable School

In fact, Mishra was so keen to pursue her idea further that she gave up an opportunity of a lifetime. She gave up her corporate dream. She was one of the seven people selected from across the country for the Indian School Leadership Institute which trains the school leaders in collaboration with Knowledge Is Power Program (KIPP) schools USA.

Pooja tells us more about her initiative to YS

“Gurukul Public School is a charitable school providing free English medium education to rural underprivileged children. It follows one on one mentorship by accomplished socially conscious individuals across the world.”

Bottom Line:

Citizens like her inspire the budding youth because doing good for anyone is an act of selflessness! Hence, we should help anyone who is needy. Furthermore, we salute the spirit and courage of this young lady for this initiative.


  1. Whee do they find the money to undertake such noble avocations is my question ? One’s interest and effort can be used but to find the money is not easy. Some body in such activities deserves all the praise.


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