Hyderabad’s Laddu Bhai Has Been Helping People Cross The Busy Roads For 35 Years

How would you feel if you are facing difficulty while crossing a busy road, and some unknown soul just comes from nowhere, holds your hand and helps you? Well, don’t be astonished if I tell you that the people of Hyderabad have actually experienced it.

If you have ever been to Hyderabad and have visited Mir Alam Mandi, Mir Chowk, chances are that you have come across a 55-year-old man who is busy all day helping people to cross the busy street.

The man named Christopher (popularly known as Laddu Bhai) has been helping children and everybody else in need, cross the busy streets of Hyderabad for last 35 years.

A Sneak Peek Into His Extraordinary Day:

His day starts at 8 am at Floret School which is close to his home. He helps the students cross the road. Then at 4 pm, he stands outside the school gate to help the students reach home safely. He is so popular and trustworthy that students won’t cross the road if Laddu Bhai is not there. They would prefer to wait for him.

He says, ” I start around 8 am and help the kids in crossing the roads and follow the same around 4 pm when their school gets over. Whenever I get tired, I take rest for sometime at the opposite cycle shop and have tea. People of the area thank me for this help, and I will continue this work till I can.”

Hyderabad's laddu bhai

He has been appreciated by the Traffic police of that area and the daily commuters. Many a times, the commuters offer him a tip in order to show gratitude towards this man’s selfless services. But he refuses any kind of monetary compensation. He says that this work gives him a sense of satisfaction as he fulfills his duty towards the society.

He says,“I earn around Rs 12,000 from my four rented shops, which is more than enough for my family’s monthly expenses. I feel happy when school kids offer me sweets and chocolates as a token of thanks but I don’t accept tips from anyone.”

His Recognition:

Laddu Bhai has been so excellent and dedicated towards this work that he was rewarded by Mir Chowk Police Station for his services. He was also provided with a whistle and a mask in order to manage the traffic better and make the roads safer.

He has often been suggested by several traffic policemen to join traffic police service. However, he has never shown interest in the job because social service brings him a feeling of joy and satisfaction.

65 Year old Mirza Ali (neighbour of Laddu Bhai) says,

“This street is congested which makes it really difficult for us to cross the roads. We are relieved as we have him. He is better than many of the traffic policemen.”

Next time you visit Mir Chowk, don’t forget to share a word with this man or shake hand. Because it costs nothing.

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