When humanity won over religion !!

Ayush and Prarthana lost their air hostess mother Kavita Dayal and pilot father Praveen Dayal in the year 2012. Praveen Dayal on his deathbed requested his friend, Mohd. Sahanawaz Zaheer to take care of the twins. But after their death the household driver looked after the twins. With time, situation worsened with the relatives interfering. Zaheer with his busy schedule could hardly manage to protect the children and thus he opted for an amazing step!

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Zaheer applied to the High Court demanding guardianship of the children. Despite having the religious differences, he considered saving and caring for the kids as his prime duty. The judge Justice Najmi Waziri also created a trust in the names of the twins called ‘Ayush Prarthana Benevolen Trust’ where the pilots of the Indian Commercial Pilots Association donated around 1 crore rupees. Also the properties of the dead parents also go in charge of the trust. The children are readily enjoying with their new family overcoming barriers of
caste, creed and religion. Zaheer’s parents and in-laws who stay with them have made these little guests the apple of their eyes.  The foster father assures that the children would soon have a passport so that they can travel with them. Interestingly, he has appointed Arun Saini, a Hindu neighbor to teach the kids the Hindu norms. He claims that the children will not need to change their religion but would grow up following their religion by birth!

This incident has bridged the gap between the religious differences which otherwise leads on to feuds. Zaheer and his wife had mastered the cross-religional barrier by adopting the kids providing all that they need for their education and development. The trust safeguards their property till they are 25 years of age. Such a humanitarian effort is all that is expected to bring about harmony among the people.

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