When the collector himself sets an example

      Dungarpur is a city in Rajasthan and the district collector Surendra Kumar Solanki was on routine inspections in his district at shelter homes.  When he reached the Muskan shelter home,  he came across the heart wrenching story of this girl named Chayya. Her parents passed away at a tender age, and she was left to the custody of her paternal uncle and aunt. She was considered a burden in their family. This made her aunt to attempt her murder with a farm weapon.

    However, realising a life threat the little girl ran away when she was found unconscious by the members of Child Line lying by the road. Hearing this Solanki immediately agreed to lend out a helping hand towards this young girl. Chhaya dreams to be a teacher when she grows up. Solanki has appointed the Principal of District Institute of Engineering and Training (DIET) of Dungarpur as her local guardian.


    Abha Mehta, Principal DIET, has been asked to get Chhaya admitted to a school with English curriculum such that she receives best of the education in Dungarpur. Solanki has regarded this little girl from the remote village of Ambada Kochri of Chikil tehsil to be the sole responsibility of the administration. Solanki has agreed to pay for her academics and personal requirements throughout her life. Besides, he keeps himself updated about the girl from Mehta and has asked all the shelter homes and orphanages under his administration to keep the kitchen, sanitation and health of the kids as their primary concern. Solanki’ s adoption of this little girl is a message to the society that it is time we pay some attention to those abandoned children who suffers under the hands of destiny!

    The Positive India appreciates this Govt servant passion to serve the society depicted through this example


  1. The positive India that we all always look for and wish for is because of people like this collector who went beyond the call of his duty It’s touching Salutes to this great soul


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