This village council created example of women empowerment

             Stereotypes about women indeed need a break! These women from Sisva Village in Gujarat are indeed making a move for a good change. Hinal Patel, the present Sarpanch of the village is pursuing her graduation in nursing and is assisted by a team of 12 well-
educated, young and enthusiastic women all aged between 21 to 26 years. Some of them are engineers, a manager and even a student in Pharmaceuticals. Hinal Patel is herself a trained nurse who has graduated from Shree Raghavendra College of Nursing. While the other council members like Radha Patel is an engineer by profession, Viralbehen Sarvaiya is a student in discipline of Pharmaceuticals and Nisha Patel holds the post of a manager in a motorbike showroom. Hinal was elected as a Sarpanch with a majority vote by the villagers just at the age of 22 years.These vibrant and young women have been an active participant in turning their remote village adapt to the new technologies. Their initiative has helped Sisve turn into an E-village with Internet accessibility. They have come together removing the social evils of dowry, defecating in public, bringing in electricity in the village and establishing proper road and get the solar power installed there.

            The council consisting of all the unmarried, young ladies proved to the other women that there can be no obstacles for the women to head the village and bring about development. They are educated themselves and have stepped out to spread literacy to each of the corners of the village.

women empowerment

           They come together in the weekends discussing the important sectors which need their attention primarily. A strong contestant in the election procedure, these women has marked their names in the pages of history. They are bringing about development in Sisva in an amazing way. Hinal was elected unanimously in 2011 following the Samaras Scheme adopted by the village.

She always was inclined in developing a well knit and progressive society, the news of election from her parents after her graduation intrigued her. Hinal brought the other girls of the village into confidence through her inspirational speech. Sisva, which already had a history of being headed by women, was obliged to put up these ladies on reign. Despite facing several difficulties, they successfully manage all the sectors of development. The women segregated the different sectors complying with their interest which has made their functioning much swifter.

          The completely well-paved roads, electricity to reach households, developed education system has indeed made them a gem to be proud of!



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