Heroes of Bangalore – Janaagraha Community

We watch movies where the hero does all herioic activities in protecting people or helping them. A organisation in Bangalore, Janaagraha has started the same concept practically by mutual cooperation with city police department and named it as ‘Community policing’. They have become the new Heroes of Bangalore – Janaagraha Community

Heroes of Bangalore - Janaagraha Community
Heroes of Bangalore – Janaagraha Community

The Meaning of Community Policing

The Old man united with grandson

Community Policing means briefing the possible accidents and steps to avoid such intrinsically involved happenings around to people and creating awareness. They do it with the concern they have towards their huge family, ‘whoever resides in Bangalore.’ Briefing about a single crime would be easy but they are into prevention of different types of crimes like banking fraud, kidnap, assault, robbery etc sensitizing many sections of people.

The following is one of their recent success story. This is how they united a missing old person and his family: An old man named Bhole Prasad aged 76yrs who knows Bhojpuri only was missed from his grandson house at Bannerghatta Road on 6th Dec and reached Kaikondranahalli on Sarjapur Road. General public took the person and reported at HSR Layout Police Station, policemen tried to track the address but couldn’t and sent him to Samarthanam NGO but the next day they sent the person back to Police Station. While community policing team got to know about this and met him, tracked for some time and sent back to NGO as it became dark. Finally, community policing team with the help of policemen got a Bhojpuri guy and made him speak to the old man and fetched few details, out of which they got to know that the person resides at Meenakshi Temple, Bannerghatta Road. Community Policing team tracked that his grandson had launched a complaint at nearby PS and informed them to send the family member to HSR Layout PS and made them meet! It would be a little instinct to think about but just imagine what if our loved ones were in that case then we would know the complexity involved in investigating a case. Of course, police do their duty well but this is that little difference Community policing make for the smooth journey of people around.

The Positive Impact of Community Policing

The Community Policing program was launched in the city of Bangalore, in June 2013.The Community Policing (CP) aims to create awareness and provide inputs to police as well as citizens while working together in the prevention of crime. CP accomplishes this through harnessing participation from active citizen volunteers, or Area Suraksha Mitras (ASMs). The ASMs help maintain safety through providing support and information to fellow citizens, liaising with police to hold community meetings, and monitoring as well as reporting security issues to the local police. The central goal of the CP program is to bridge the gap between public and police in making a street safe. Hope they extend their care towards many other cities!

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