Here comes the first fully pollution free airport

                     The growth of urbanisation in the country has led to a successive increase in pollutions. The various modes of communications have been playing a major role in creating distress to the environment. Indian government has used various means of reduction the rate at which environment has seen degradation and destruction. However, this brave venture to combat pollution and save energy has indeed given the country a new step towards development.

Cochin Airport

The international air port at Cochin has been able to put up a solar panel construction which is designed to support all the power consumption in the airport. The solar power station is an in-built structure within the airport premises. This power plant is claimed to have the capacity of generating 50,000 to 60,000 kilowatt-hour of energy each day. This set-up of a renewable energy source by the Airport Authority of India has made the Cochin International Airport a grid neutral zone. The power that these panels would generate on a daily basis will exceed the amount that can be actually consumed by the airport. Thus, this will ensure that they return an excess amount of energy than they will use from the power grid. This measure has claimed to decrease pollution levels to a great extent. They claim that the carbon dioxide emission from the airport will decrease by 300,000 tons within a span of 25 years.

The foundation company of Cochin Airport called Cochin International Airport Limited (CLAL) decided to provide Kerala State Electricity Board with the excess of electricity generated. The power is produced by approximately 4000 panels that have been set up occupying 45 acres of land. The airport authority aims at exploring new alternative source by creating dams, such that they can contribute more towards a sustainable use of natural resources. This measure has also been adopted by a number of airports in India like for instance in Kolkata. They are also planning to create a pollution free mode of energy production!



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