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Speak of real-time problem solvers and how many can you name? Not many. Speak of potential real time practical problem solvers through technology and you would think that that sentence was made up just for a very few, crafty, devising people. These guys are among them. Here comes an app which helps you find working ATMs. The latest feature of the Money View app will tell you of the nearest ATMs that are functioning, have cash, and how long the queue there is.

Here comes Money View
Here comes an app which helps you find working ATMs | The Positive India

Features of Money View

The app that previously helped its 10-million strong user base in keeping track of their bank accounts, Debit/Credit card transactions, loan dues, has released this new feature in view of the post-demonetisation struggle of not being able to reach one’s own money. “Clearly, people were struggling to find cash post the demonetisation announcement. There have been long queues at ATMs and cash is in short supply. But at the same time, people are willing to help one another. Even at the office, we observed that the team was calling up friends and family to figure out where cash could be arranged or borrowed from. As the leading money manager in India, we thought that it was our responsibility to help our nearly 10 million-strong user base in such times,” explains Puneet Agarwal, Co-Founder of Money View, regarding their idea to add this new feature. How can one use this feature? Simply install the Money View app if you haven’t already got it from the Google Play Store, and click on the ‘Find ATM With Cash’ menu. A map is on your screen in no time, showing you the available ATMs that are most to least active around your locality. Tapping on an ATM shows you what notes the ATM is dispensing as well as the length of the queue there. “This is based on our user’s feedback and might not show for all ATMs. The same holds true for other cash dispensing locations too,” Puneet clarifies, adding, “We also have a desktop website, which lets you find an ATM on a bigger screen.” “Additionally, we also ask the user to provide additional feedback – what notes the ATM is dispensing and what’s the line like at the ATM,” explains Sanjay Agarwal, co-founder of Money View and co-creator of the feature. As the demonetisation fever took over the nation, people could use as much aid as they can get to ease out their efforts to get their money on time. As a result, the app has reportedly had a fifteen-fold rise in the number of downloads on any given day post the announcement.



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