Harvard research claims Kumbh Mela organised better than Fifa Cup

India is supposedly a nation which is looked after as a country which is lethargic enough to create a systematic event. However, this allegation completely went in vain with the release of a book containing 449 pages named ‘Kumbh Mela- Mapping of the Ephemeral Megacity’. This research by the Harvard University suggests that the largest religious congregation in Allahabad in the confluence of three very prime rivers was actually better organized in 2013 that FIFA World Cup in Brazil and even Commonwealth Games in Delhi.

A yogi at Kumbh Mela. (Image for representational purpose)

They worked on the sprawling township which comes up to accommodate 100 million ascetics and visitors with a regular turn-out of more than 5 billion to bathe in the confluence. The visitors pray with the saints, meet-up with their gurus and return safely to their respective hometown has really kept them wondering about the amount of planning required for the purpose.

The book concludes by mentioning except for a few countries India is capable of providing highest aspirations to accommodate large number of people. From farmers to the millionaires, everybody can aspire to get their wishes fulfilled. The proper execution of the Maha kumbh Mela confirms India’s capability to actually work with a large human power and offer all the amenities in just correct proportion.




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