Greensole- A ‘Soleful’ Venture that Turns Old Shoes into New

For most of us shoes/sandals are a necessity or a style statement. However, for some it is a luxury. 1.5 billion people in our country are infected by diseases that could have been prevented by wearing footwear. To aid these forlorn group of people, a professional athlete duo, Shriyans Bhandari and Ramesh Dhami came up with an initiative named Greensole.

Shriyans Bhandari & Ramesh Dhami, Founders.

Soulfully Establishing the Greensole.

Greensole is a Mumbai based company and was established in December, 2013. It all began when Shriyans and Ramesh realizing that they discard  four to five pairs of shoes every year. Shriyans who has a degree in Management Studies and Dhami who is a National level sports Player, were forced to envisage the plight of people who had no footwear. It was then that they decided to address a problem that Shriyans felt was largely ignored.

What does Greensole do?

Greensole recycles and refurbishes your old shoes into a new pair of shoes. Moreover, these shoes are donated to the needy school going children. Initially, they refurbished only sports shoes. The soles were used to make the base of the slippers, the uppers gave way to make the sandal straps and lastly the laces were used to pack the shoes. However now, the team has propelled its experimentation to work on other kinds of footwear.

Greensole principally targets impoverished school going children who can not afford buying footwear even for going to school. “Some of the students have never seen shoes in their entire life, they take a bit of time to get used to it”, Shriyans said in an interview. Furthermore, Shriyans told TPI, “The children often wrap the slippers carefully and tend to keep it away. We then have to pitch in to make them wear it”. They also retail these footwear towards building a self sustained social venture.

Making Students wear the slippers.

From Old sole to Greensole.

The process of dismantling an old pair and turning it into a new pair takes a single person around 25 minutes to half an hour. Since they have many hands working on the shoe, it takes a few minutes to come out with the product. They have donated over 10,000 pairs of footwear to the needy.

A bit for the Environment.

While the amount of landfills in our country is rising, Greensole is doing its bit for the environment. As their website mentions, Manufacturing a pair of shoes involves a total of assembling upto 65 discrete parts in 360 steps, which generate 13 kg carbon emission which is equivalent to leaving an 100 watt bulb running for a week. They recycles the shoes that would otherwise be filled up in landfills, curbing the shoe wastage pandemic.

Aspiring Long Term Goals.

Greensole does not plan to stop at donating the refurbished shoes. Rather, they have prospective plans of setting up Skill Development Centres wherein, people will be trained to refurbish old pair of shoes. “We want to sell these shoes at a minimum cost, say 10 rupees or so. Our long term goal is to create infrastructure that solves the (lack of shoes) problem”, Shriyans told TPI. He further revealed to TPI, “We also have a celebrity involved now, Evelyn Sharma. She gave us her old shoe. We will recycle and auction it.”

Team Greensole.

Greensole was founded by Shriyans Bhandari and Ramesh Dhami who are in support of commendable board of directors teamed with volunteers and helpers.

“We want to put footwear on every feet. We believe in donating walks” -Team Greensole.

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