This third std girl has just become librarian of her village

           Educating a girl child is something that is still not taken into consideration in rural India. Female education is often considered a taboo in the society. Despite all the measures taken by the government, most of the village dwellers are still hesitant to send their daughters to school. When such is the situation, Muskaan Ahirwar brought in a ray of hope to this society. She is a little girl residing in the slum area in the vicinity of Arear Hills, Bhopal. This little girl, a student of class III is doing something truly amazing.

Image used for representational purpose only (Source : The Better India )

        She runs a small-time library called Bal Pustakalaya. Muskaan loves reading and tries to spread this virus of education among her friends in the neighborhood. Every evening after her school she spreads out a mat in front of her house. All the children from the neighborhood gather at her place. Here she reads out to them several stories and facts. The interested children learn and read from her collection of books. Muskaan gets books from Rajya Siksha Kendra, Madhya Pradesh. The State Education Board paid a visit to this area on New Year day to survey the standard of education received by the children. They conducted a Question and Answer round which was won by Muskaan. They gifted her a set of 25 books so that she can read and share it among other children as per India Times.

     Gradually more books were given to her on Republic day. Now she has 118 books which her friends borrow and read. Some of them even stay back with her to sit and read. Muskaan is assisted by her sister who reads in class VII. She also maintains a register for her members and keeps it updated in a very professional way that is rare to find in a child of her age. She has set an example to show the world that education is not something that is not only to be gained but also is something that needs to be shared.



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