Gauri Sawant: Jorney of an exceptional Trans Woman

We have seen and heard stories of single moms, even single dads. But Gauri Sawant has set an example by becoming a single trans mother. Gauri Sawant, born as Ganesh, decided to change to match her identity to be where she felt belonged. She grew up without the presence of a loving family but decided to change the life of one such person with a similar fate.

This icon of strength and positivity was identified by Vicks sometime back, who documented her life’s story into an ad film. Gauri Sawant has proven that love goes beyond gender and her love has been appreciated by all.

gauri sawant

The life story of Gauri Sawant

Gauri Sawant was born in Bhavanipeth, Pune as a police officer’s son. Her family named her Ganesh. Gauri’s mother didn’t want her as she was her second child after a ten-year gap from the elder one. The doctors refused abortion saying that it was the seventh month and hence, not possible. Her father was eager to welcome his second child. Between this yes and no, Gauri was born!

As she was growing up as Ganesh, Gauri soon started realizing that she was not like the other boys around her. She was more comfortable being friends with girls and even liked to play with them.

Gauri’s mother passed away when she was five and her father did not pick up any parental duties to love or support her. He was also embarrassed by Gauri’s girly interests and likings.

The new beginning

Gauri Sawant was seventeen when she left home with just Rs. 60 in her pocket. She struggled for a few days and then took the help of a gay-turned-trans-sex-worker friend. The friend never offered Gauri any gig and later introduced her to Humsafar Trust (one of the oldest LGBTQ organizations in India). Gauri’s exemplary communication skills made her in-charge of the communications and outreach team. Her role was to motivate people who are undergoing an identity crisis to embrace themselves and their true identities. She started earning Rs. 1,500 per month.

Gauri Sawant took a decision to transform into a hijra. She believes that even if she would get a sex change done, people wouldn’t have accepted her as a woman.

Gayatri: Gauri’s daughter

Gauri’s main task was to spread awareness about STDs and encourage sex workers to get tested. During this, she came across Gayatri’s biological mother, an HIV positive sex worker. The disease took the woman away when Gayatri was barely five. After her demise, Gauri Sawant learned that people were planning to sell off Gayatri as a sex worker.

Gauri decided to take care of Gayatri and become her mother. Gradually a special bond grew between the two and Gayatri started calling her aai (Marathi word for mother). Gauri even tried to adopt Gayatri legally but there is no law of letting members of the LGBTQ community adopt kids.

Gayatri is Gauri’s world and she wants to do every possible thing for her, just like a mother would do for her daughter!

I am an MBA by education, a marketer by profession and a writer by passion. I believe that human life is a beautiful gift from God to us and we should live it following our heart so that we go back to Him without any regrets.



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