Good Bye Potholes ! Welcome Self Repairing Roads !!

         While most Indian engineers settle for corporate jobs, few think for the betterment of the society. Nemukumar Banthia is one such example. He is living in Canada and has inaugurated a great plan leading to sustainable development. This plan consists of ‘Self-Repairing roads’ for India. According to his approach, such roads will have a longer lifeline and will be more economical to build.

         We are very well aware of the condition of roads in India. Crores of rupees are spent after every monsoon season in order to repair roads. Furthermore, this repairing thing isn’t much reliable for long!Due to the deteriorating condition of roads, Nemukumar’s idea came into highlights!

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This Indian Professor completed his graduation from IIT Delhi. He shifted to Canada around thirty-four years back and he is actively working in the Civil Engineering Department at the University of British Council. He, along with his team are presently engaged in building a working demo model of their project to test the future aspects or errors.

According to Nemukumar’s approach, the roads will be remarkably thinner than the present scenario. This would ultimate lead to a much economical way of repairing roads.

Nemukumar explained the road’s structure in detail by saying,

“These are FIBERS which have a hydrophilic nano-coating on them. Hydrophilia means they attract water and this water then becomes available for crack healing. Every time you have a crack, you always have unhydrated cement and this water is now giving it the hydration capability, producing further silicates which actually closes the crack in time.”

According to the mathematical analysis and stats, these roads would cost approximately 30% less than the standard cost. They will be more durable. Karnataka is one state where discussions regarding implementation are on. Haryana and Madhya Pradesh are next in the list.



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