A fighter who helps trafficked women fight for their life.

              This is the story of a brave-heart, Dr. Sunitha Krishnan. As a child she has always dreamt to assist the underprivileged girls and women in her home town. She took to this path at a tender age, but was stopped by an unprecedented incident of gang –rape. They claimed that Sunitha was interfering in their ground.

             Where such patriarchal notion still exists in the country, Sunitha was bold enough to gear up her defeats to help the distressed women. Yes, this incident did not create a backlog but ignited anger in her. She moved ahead to rehabilitate all the women who were treated inhumanely as sex slaves. Her endeavour helped to rescue the three- four year girls who were equally mishandled by the men of the society.

              She was co-founder of an organisation called Prajwal along with her late Brother Jose Vetticatil. The first programme which they undertook was to convert a brothel in south Hyderabad into a school for the kids of the sex-workers there. She worked endlessly towards spreading awareness through her blog Sunitha Krishnan: Anti-trafficking Crusader. She had faced many troubles but was successful in rescuing more than 8000 women from the traffickers. She teaches these girls different handicrafts and technical works such that they can lead a respectful life in the society. Prajwal also looks after the health of the ailing girls suffering from various STD. She also ensures marriage of the girls to appropriate person at the cost of the organisation. These helped many girls to get their proper rights from the society. Besides, Sunitha also looked after the last rites of the inmates who expired.

          Sunitha’s courage and will to rehabilitate and rescue the trafficked women has earned her a lot of awards and praises from the people of the country. Her work is indeed an epitome of bravery and kindness!

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