This Society partnered to start 100pc fee-free world-class schools

Teaching standards and the basic standards of government schools are in the limelight for a long time now. Almost every one of us believes that educational standards need to be improved and improvised in order to yield better results for the nation. This society named ‘Ark’ was appalled by the kind of services provided by the government schools. Hence, they partnered with the government to begin 100pc fee-free world-class schools for the poor and the needy. Refer to the organization’s official website here.


            The reason behind the deteriorated quality of education in government schools may be the lack of resources, low salaries, less or no perks, and unappealing quality of work culture that fail to rope in qualified teachers with so-called “premium” educational backgrounds. According to records, 75% of the students (of government schools) fail to study a Class 2 story text while they are in Class 5. In fact, 13% of them can’t even identify the alphabet! The gist is, poor children are falling off the ladder to success due to these low-level educational standards. They are missing on very important opportunities in their lives which would have an undesirable effect on their future. The ‘ARK’ meaning ‘Absolute Return for Kids’ wishes to incubate a change in the existing education system.

Our aim is to operate in partnership with the government and serve the poorest children, albeit raising the benchmark in the quality of education throughout India,” says Kruti

           Their main aim is to provide a fair platform to the poor and needy children. They believe that children from all backgrounds have equal rights to use their potential to the fullest. The Ark Society has been running 35 absolutely fee-free schools in the UK. They launched the first Ark school in Delhi’s Lajpat Nagar in July 2015. This was as a result of a partnership with the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC). Efforts are being made by the society to reach out to maximum parents, who wish to provide their children with quality education but can’t afford it. Families with an average income of 8k-10k are being targeted by the society.

          The Ark society did face some challenges initially as many children weren’t used to the concept of schooling. In order to improve the quality of education, they recruited teachers from top colleges through an extremely rigorous selection process. Proper training was provided to these teachers so that they could manage the class well. Teaching material is made interesting for the students to get engaged.


        To scale this first school, and successfully establish their model, the society is seeking philanthropic funding to support their operational costs. Article sourced from ARK website



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