A family’s generous act of cutting wedding cost for starving farmers

            A family in Maharastra is moved by the plight of the farmers in the drought stricken region. They decided to downsize their daughter’s marriage expenses and donated them to two villages. Vivek Vadke  a chemical engineer by profession decided to cut the expenses in his daughter wedding by avoiding unnecessary expenses.

           Many parts of Marthawada are severely affected by drought and suicide rates are one of the highest in the country. This family saved 6 Lakhs rupees from marriage expenses and donated them to two villages , Padali village in Jalna and Dapshed village in Nanded.

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        Source : Flickr

           Not only did he donate the amount, he visited the villages and worked on the best possible way to utilize the amount. They have decided to spend the amount on desilt and widen the rivers so that they can accommodate more water during the next monsoon.

          “We were quite aware of the situation in the state and did not want to spend money on things that are not too important like decorations,” said Vivek to TOI. Their daughter, Jaai, a bio-informatics graduate, married Tejas, a fighter pilot on December 24 after which the sum was personally handed over to the villagers

           He has been actively involved in the service activites since long time. He donates 40 % of his salary to help 10 farmers in nearby villages. He strongly believes that small contributions can make huge differences in the society.



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