eVidyaloka : Bringing High Quality into Public Education

‘Digital Classroom’, a term, these students from 49 remote villages hadn’t even hear of yet it changed their life. This has been initiated by eVidyaloka, a model which brings together people who are really passionate. These people are then appointed as volunteer teachers. Lectures and sessions are taken by these volunteer teachers in 49 remote villages across India.

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Brian child of idea

The model of eVidyaloka was initiated by Venkat Sriraman who is an engineering graduate from BITS Pilani. While most engineers go ahead to join corporate jobs, he made a smooth entry in an alternate career. He decided to work in a way which could benefit the needy.

The eVidyaloka model.

The eVidyaloka model was registered in Bengaluru in 2011. The model was governed by Section 12A of the Income Tax Act 1961.

         It all started with a trial, a virtual Summer camp in a village called Thenur, in Perambalur district of Tamil Nadu, in the year 2010. This revolutionary model brought together qualified people in India. But these professionals were spread around 110 cities. This is when the eVidyaloka model came into its power as it averages the strength of technology. This was done so that children in far off villages and tribal zone should get access to highly qualified teachers. Apparently, the state board’s curriculum itself is being followed for the teachings of students by the volunteer teachers, with an objective of augmenting it with rich digital content like videos, visual flows, pictures, activities, etc.

The Volunteer- Teachers.

         The volunteers who are being appointed the task of teaching are not just some random people. In fact, over 70% of the volunteers are qualified professional in varied fields, post doctorates, homemakers, retired teachers, graduate students, Ph.D. students and professionals working from India and abroad.

The Next Step

       This non-profit social firm is funded by various corporates, grant-making institutions and individuals. In fact, In AY 16-17, their aim to reach over 100 schools. Furthermore, they are adding three new states, namely West Bengal, Odisha and Maharashtra. As a result, this would impact over 6,000 children.

The non-profit social enterprise is funded by various corporates, grant-making institutions, and individuals. In AY 16-17, they aim to reach over 100 schools, add three new states, namely West Bengal, Odisha and Maharashtra, and impact over 6,000 children.

          Article partly sourced from yourstory


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