Ecological farming : Mode to improve lives

Modern farming techniques have posed several ecological stresses. With the increased use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, the threat to human health has considerably emerged. Besides, these farming methods have also affected the environment and soil. The farmers of Kedia region of Bihar have been practicing ecological farming for over years, but they have devised innovative eco-friendly techniques.

Ecological farming

They have given innovative touch to the pre-existing traditional methods. Including techniques such as vermicomposting, manure from Eco-sanitations, preparing manure from tobacco and other natural products have shown a marked improvement in farming methods. This endeavour on the part of the farmers of Kedia village has provided safe toilets for men and women called Ecosan toilets. The girls and women now use these toilets for daily use and the wastes from here and the cowsheds are collected in sealed tanks. These human and animal wastes are used to prepare biogas which is an alternative power source for cooking in this village. The slurry from this biogas plant is used as manure for the crops. The use of this manure makes the soil fertile and prevents degradation that was caused by chemical fertilisers. The four ecologically useful methods of vermicompost beds, Ecosan toilets, wastes from cowsheds and biogas plants have greatly helped in improving the soil nutrition. Besides, it has provided safety for women as they can now avail toilets and maintain a hygienic lifestyle. The financial standards have also improved with greater ecological farming and healthier methods. The method avails a complete cycle from farm to food and back again to the farm. There is zero negative impact of these methods.

Ecological farming

Several other states bring in volunteers to learn these techniques which will improve their crop production. The campaigners from Greenpeace India had helped the farmers to develop ‘Jeevit Mati Kisan Samiti’ and have also helped them to get grants from several government schemes. The interest of the farmers of Kedia to develop sustainable measures of farming is an encouragement to the ecological farming societies of this country.

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