Earthware : Biodegradable cutlery for a healthy meal

We are already aware of the harmful effects of plastic. Moreover contamination of food with the chemicals present in the plastic is a serious threat to healthy life. Although they are well suited for regular use, the non-biodegradable feature makes it improper for constant use. Several Indian companies had been trying to bring out an alternative to this practice. Earthware is a company which has developed kitchen utensils using fibres from plant. They have structured cutlery which are bio-degradable and perfect to eat out with.


Keeping in mind the eco-friendly quotient, this company from south has developed them from bagasse. Fibres from several plants like sugarcane, bamboo, cellulose and others are commonly termed as bagasse. They are resistant to water, can be used in microwaves and is in no way brittle. Importantly, they degrade on its own within 90 days which makes them at par with the trending eco–friendliness. As they are a product derived from plants they can be disposed off easily causing no pollution. Composting technique can be used for their disposal as they degrade minus the pollution.  Earthware states that they have been making these cutleries for quite sometimes. But the demands for easily disposable bio-degradable has increased in recent years. People are becoming aware of avoiding toxins and their consciousness towards preserving of nature is an important aspect to sought such products.


Plastics are harmful to all living beings and hence there is a need to find an alternative for the commonly used syrofoam. Since, these cutleries of bagasse are light and similar to plastic, so they have been successful in making a place in the market. They are absolutely free from toxins and can be used by all.

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