A school teacher incredible efforts to prevent dropouts!!

               ‘Education for all’. Although it might sound very exciting, it is often noticed that students drop out from school due to financial crunch. Even the government institutions who claim to provide free and equal education for all students fail to meet up to their promises with regards to dropout prevention. Many bright and hard-working students are  being deprived of higher studies as the parents often find it difficult to make both ends meet. After watching many such dropouts in his surroundings , a government school teacher from Bengal Dhrubojyoti Sen aimed at lending out a helping hand to these children.


           He had lately circulated a Facebook post which reads that he is willing to help those children below poverty line who has stood out exceptionally in their boards. This Mathematics teacher say, that the brilliant students from the backward sections of the society who wish to pursue Science are seen to drop out of the school. The text books worth approximately 600 bucks are beyond their means. Apart from the textbooks, the have to pay school and tuition fees which adds up to burden of the family. Sen promised to help them with books, tuition and school fees. Since he is the only person he has restricted it to the students who passed the 10th Boards and stays in Howrah, Hoogly and Kolkata districts. Inspired from his post, many of his colleagues started contributing to his cause. Now this group of teachers along with him also started special classes for the ones who aim to get through IIT JEE and the medical entrance tests.

Dhrubojyoti Sen is often asked why he calls out help for Science students only. He replies that since he is from a Science background, he can easily contact teachers and make the arrangements. However, Sen says that in future he aims to assist those underprivileged students too who are pursuing Arts and Commerce if teachers from these streams join hands with him in this endeavour. He wishes that his daughter carries out his dreams later!

      This government teacher is not a crorepati he is just another aam adhmi. The Positive India salutes this man’s efforts for a betterment of India. Do you know some one who are contributing in this fashion ? Share with us at contact@thepositiveindia.com . Let’s spread positivism around !!



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