This girl is helping differently abled realize dreams

Not everyone has the courage to leave the world of comforts and live a life to make others happy. No more said, Neha Arora, daughter of a differently-abled duo who moonlighted as travel enthusiast. She has set an amazing example for every single person in the society to learn from!


The 32-year-old Neha gave her shot in engineering degree in Electronics & Communication. She gave up working in the corporate world for about nine years, in companies like HCL, Nokia and Adobe. But she was living in a society with gaps, having a visually-impaired father and a physically-impaired mother, tainted all her experiences.

The Inspiring Idea

The idea was simple but it did wonders. The idea was initiated by an NGO named Planet Abled.  Planet Abled brings people with different disabilities all together to form one big group and appoints travel buddies who would assist the travellers on tour. In fact, this is a great opportunity for people with disabilities and people without medically proven disabilities to travel with a whole bunch people!


The Official Launch

The organisation along with their group of members made their first visit to Qutub Complex and Mehrauli Archaeological Park. This heritage tour marked their official launch!

This organisation has many more trips and programmes lined up for its members. “With active feedback from the travellers, the suggestions were incorporated to make every trip more efficient than the last,” says Neha.

Everything was not served on a Golden Platter.

Initially, Planet Abled focused on heritage tours but eventually they levelled up to festive tours, pottery workshops, custom holidays and solo trips too! In fact, the path was not very easy. Many obstacles tested the member’s and most importantly the organiser’s patience and determination. The main challenge was to access hotels with enough room so that the group could stay together. The second challenge was to find activities which differently-abled people could enjoy.

Despite all their challenges, they continue to serve the differently-abled people. Furthermore, we salute Neha for this initiative and for all her efforts!




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