This young duo building Flipkart for NGOs and philanthropists!

It is interesting to see when the youth of the country chooses to contribute to a social cause. And it gets equally inspiring when they take this up as a career path. Presenting to you the story of Donatekart- the e-commerce way of donating to charities…

“Want to donate smart? Let’s Donatekart.” – Donatekart Team

     Anil Kumar Reddy and Sandeep Sharma, graduates from VNIT, were working with GOONJ when 2015 Chennai floods hit the state hard. They observed a gap between the donations made and the actual need of the hour. The donors gave away products which they didn’t use anymore. But these weren’t actually needed in the flood affected areas. Rather, mosquito nets, tarpaulins, bed sheets etc would have served the need better. Furthermore, they noticed some people using e-commerce platforms like amazon and Flipkart for directly donating needful products mentioning “GOONJ collection centre, Chennai” during checkout. Owing to these observations, Anil conceptualized the idea of Donatekart- a platform that shall allow the NGOs to list out the products they require and let the donors buy and donate these products.

This young duo building 'Flipkart' for NGOs and philanthropists | The Positive India
This young duo building ‘Flipkart’ for NGOs and philanthropists!

The cynosure of the entire idea is the very fact that Donatekart potentially replaces monetary donations with product donations. It allows the NGOs to pitch their campaigns and list out the products they require for the cause. The donors browse through these and select the campaign they wish to contribute to and check out for the products they wish to donate. At the end of a campaign, Donatekart delivers all the products to the corresponding NGO. And this how they promise to deliver happiness to the receivers and to the donors as well.

Credibility of the platform – Donatekart

Transparency is the key to imbuing faith of donors in the NGOs. Donatekart achieves this by allowing only direct delivery of products avoiding any involvement of money. Also, the donors get time-to-time updates from the recipient NGOs as to how their products are being used. Furthermore, Donatekart is a completely free platform. This means that NGOs can run any number of campaigns for free, unlike the crowdfunding platforms which charge more than 10% of raised money as fees. As a result, the platform stands as a unique end to end solution for procuring and delivering products promising maximum effectiveness.


Progress and future endeavor

The Donatekart team bagged 2nd place, out of 100 teams, in prestigious Azim Premji social enterprise Challenge in Bangalore for the very idea of this platform. The website has launched this Diwali with four campaigns and was a brilliant success. The idea received immense support from VNIT alumni and private donors as well. Speaking to The Positive India , Sandeep says, “We want to see a mindset shift, in the way people see the donation in India.” Considering the pace with which Donatekart is making its stride, it appears to be all poised to revolutionize the method of donation to charities using e-commerce.

We wish the Donatekart team all success in this strife for a better world!

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