This doctor’s innovation brought a critical device cost from 20,000 to 50 INR

Cancer is a common disease affecting the country at different levels. Throat cancer is nothing new, and it has lead to the removing of voice box to a large number of people. The people getting their voice box removed have been seen getting into a shock for their inability to speak after the treatment. Although you get an option for a westernized prosthesis available for Rs. 20,000, it can be used only for duration of six months. The unprivileged section in India fails to get their voice back.

doctor's innovation
Image source : Times of India

Noticing this problem Vishal Rao, an Oncologist based in Bangalore devised out a system to help regain people’s voice just at Rs. 50. He thought that the people from the poorer sections in India have been deprived of their freedom of speech owing to the huge expenses. He along with assistance from industrial ground by Shashank Mahesh has been successful in bringing out this new concept. The platinum-silicone mould imported from Germany works wonder with the patients.

This machine was first used by Ramakrishnan who grieved to Rao about the expenses and dysfunctional western prosthesis after six months. The already manufactured device was planted in his vocal cord and he was overwhelmed by the price. The device is now internationally popular as the $1 speaking aid. It is economical and has been an immense contribution to the medical field of the nation.



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