How demonetization made the nation stand up together

After the demonetization act, the entire nation was in a panic state. Suddenly 500 and 1000 rs notes getting scrapped was a nightmare for everybody. People didn’t know what to do and especially in the initial days of the announcement, there was a lot of chaos in the nation. People lined up in long and unending queues outside banks, some to deposit or withdraw money and some to exchange their old notes with new ones.

Moreover, this entire activity was frustrating and troublesome for people. Standing in queues made them miss other important work too. They had to spend hours outside banks. In such a scenario, many kind hearted came out as angels in disguise to help the people.

The Helping Hands

The Sikh community has always been known for helping others. To help people beat the stress of standing in long queues and the worry of missing out important work at home, the Sikhs came forward and served tea to people in many places of Punjab. They brought kettles of tea and quenched the thirst of hundreds of people waiting for their turn to get their money.

The helping hands

Banks extend their help in the time of crisis

Besides this, many banks also became considerate towards the large number of people dropping in at their branch offices daily. To soothen their stress and anxiety, the bank employees put in great efforts by working overtime. A few banks also made seating arrangements for the people, some arranged for drinking water facility. Most banks did not have any queues for the senior citizens. Various banks also started a coupon system for the people standing in queues to ensure proper management.

People extending help

All in all, with mutual help and trust, our countrymen proved that nothing is difficult if we have each other’s support.

I am an MBA by education, a marketer by profession and a writer by passion. I believe that human life is a beautiful gift from God to us and we should live it following our heart so that we go back to Him without any regrets.



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