Delhi Police laudable effort for safety of women

The capital city of Delhi has been a witness to the variety of crimes against women for a stretch now. This happens to threat the women security in the city to the highest level. Improving with the modern technological development, the police team of Delhi has started a welcome initiative for the women in Delhi through a mobile app called Himmat. This app developed to help women in distress in any corner of Delhi, has been widely accepted and appreciated by the ladies. The constant feeling of insecurity whenever out on the streets, has received a setback for this initiative.

The simple procedure involves downloading the app and registering with the Delhi Police. The app has an SOS alert facility which sends signals to all the registered numbers along with the location of the victim. The app also immediately makes the nearby police stations aware along with the family from the help centre which helps in easy assistance and rescue. This innovative measure by the police force themselves came as a wave of relief to all the women residing in Delhi. The night walks or the late night office hours has turned out to be more relaxing with this small effort by the authority themselves and is a boon to the citizens!



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