Delhi Govt amazing initiative to save lives of road accident victims

Did you ever saw a road accident and how many times have you noticed an ambulance that reaches on time ? On time arrival of an ambulance depends on various factors but according to a study, half of road accident deaths can be prevented if victim is brought to hospital within an hour. The only vehicle which is available close to most accidents is an auto rickshaw. But auto rickshaw drivers don’t volunteer to come forward citing issues from Police. Now , Delhi Government has introduced an new initiative. According to this program, any auto rickshaw driver can take road accident victim to hospital and he will be rewarded with a cash award of 2,000 INR.

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“We are giving this economic incentive to Good Samaritans because they lose time from work. In most cases, their clothes are bloodied and we do not want them to suffer because of helping accident victims. We cannot put a price tag on a life saved. This is just a token, and it is optional — it will be up to the people to take this money,” Delhi Health Minister  Mr. Satyendra  Jain said The Hindu

“While the modalities are still being worked out, we are certain we want to give the money immediately. We want to give the auto drivers options — if they want they will get vouchers for fuel or cash or mobile payments,” Health Secretary Tarun Seem said.



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