Celebrating the Child Heroes – Children’s Day Special.

14 November is a date which is special for every child in the nation as it is marked as “Children’s Day”. Also known as Bal Divas, this day is celebrated to honor the awareness among people towards the right to education of children. This day was first proclaimed in 1925 by the world conference for the well-being of children. We are well aware that Children’s day is celebrated every year on account of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s birthday. He loved kids. He said,

“Children are like buds and should be carefully and lovingly nurtured as they are the Future of the Nation and citizens of tomorrow”.

This year, this date will be more special as people around the world will see the biggest Supermoon of their lifetime. The moon will be closer to the earth than it has been in nearly 70 years. Talking of the moon, every child is the moon in their parent’s life. Every child is special in their own different way. All we need is a perspective to understand them and support their dreams. Every child deserves to be happy. We have not inherited this nation (and its progress) from our ancestors, we have borrowed it from our children (of the nation). It is the duty of every citizen to ensure that children get proper food, shelter, medial facilities and most importantly- proper education! Invest in your children today to get fruitful results in the coming future.

Since it is “Children’s Day” today, here is a story about how a girl named Sushma Verma made her parents proud despite of being from an underprivileged background. She graduated with a Master’s degree (PhD) in hand at the age of 15 in the year 2015! That is almost 10 years before a normal person gets to that level of education.  Sushma’s father, Tej Bahadur is a sanitation worker in BBAU College while her mother, Chaya devi is a housewife. Furthermore, Sushma completed her BSc from Lucknow University and from the same college where her father worked. Sushma was just 5-years-old when she enrolled in class 9 at UP Board-Affiliated St Meera’s Inter-College. She was also recognized as the “Youngest Student” to pass class 10 (She was 7 years 3 months and 28 days old then).


Sushma not only came above all the stereotypical notions of people in our patriarchal society related to girls but also made the nation proud because of her exceptional talent. Sushma Verma is a ‘Child Hero’! Every child has their own success plan. Some excel in academics while some excel in sports or in other fields.


Bottom Line:

We should make a promise to ourselves that we would try and provide help in any form to children who wish to study or pursue their dreams. We should also make sure that ‘Child Labour’ is not encouraged anywhere. If each of us contribute a little part, our Nation will probably have a great and secured future!



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