These children serving people before they even earn

          In a world where young children think about cartoons and candies, these 100 Parsi students whose age range from 5-15 years thought out of the box. The children today are our country’s future and these kids have surely made us proud! They have set a great example for people of all ages! An inspiring incident took place a few days back.

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              An organization named ‘Xtremely Young Zoroastrians’ also famous as ‘XYZ’ is an NGO which initiated a noble cause. Children affiliated to this NGO collected old and unused shoes from different areas covering around 21 Parsi colonies from Colaba to Goregaon. The cause was supported wholeheartedly by people as the total collection went up to 12,199 pairs of shoes in the first 2 hours only! These shoes were then distributed to different NGOs too. These NGOs include Goonj, Angel Xpress Foundation and others.

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We are a small community, but wanted to make a big impact,” says Hoshaang Gotla, founder, XYZ Foundation.

This drive of collecting shoes was called the ‘XYZ Stepping Forward’ under the ‘Make A Difference’ initiative. Not only this, funds were also gathered by the Parsi residents to buy some of the needful stuff which was demanded at few other NGOs.

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The idea of this drive was very simple and basic but the effort was huge! The NGO beleived that “All it takes is one pair of shoes to make a difference. A lot of people suffer foot illnesses or have no footwear, whereas the middle and upper middle classes have at least one or two extra pairs at home,” says Gotla who was one representative.

Advertising campaign

An advertisement was also released in the ‘Parsi Times’. The campaign run by these children was divided into 3 parts- ‘Donate’, ‘Recycle’ and ‘Boot Aapo’.

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This is just the beginning. In fact, the ‘XYZ’ NGO has estimated a collection of 60,000 shoes in their next collection. Furthermore, the NGO is planning for many such initiatives to help the other NGOs which things they need, in December too.



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