This One Idea is Saving Many Women in Chattisgarh

Healthcare is an important part of our life. Remote & far flung areas have to look to nearby cities for their healthcare needs. Remote tribal areas are hard to access through dusty and rugged tracks, that connects them to cities. In one such district of Narayanpur, however, things are changing. Ajay Trakero’s jugaad technique – ‘Bike Ambulance’ has solved this problem to a great extent. A jugaad is referred to as a frugal and low-cost solution to a problem.

     Ajay Trakero, a resident of the remote tribal area of Chhattisgarh where development is still a dream and villagers suffer due to the remoteness of their area which lacks in infrastructure and health care facilities (women are worst hit during pregnancy). He has come up with a unique solution to this problem, using bike ambulances. These ambulances ferries on these dusty and rugged tracks connecting villagers, especially women to reach healthcare facilities, in time, during emergencies. Furthermore, this has proved to be great boon especially for the women of these areas!

Image courtesy: The Indian Express


The bike ambulance has a side-carriage which is covered with cloth. It also has a siren and a first-aid kit to assist villagers during times of need. Ajay, using his driving and maneuvering skills on these rugged roads, has single-handedly saved the lives of over 200 pregnant women, among other villagers.

 “These ambulances have been mobilised with the support of the social welfare organizations like UNICEF and also other social workers. Motorbike ambulances can go to remote villages in the interiors of the forests here,” Ajay told India Today.

In fact, this jugaad technique has found great success in African countries and now found its place in this forest area of Chhattisgarh. The Nation is proud of Ajay for the commendable efforts he is putting in to help people of this remote area.



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