Cheap fuel from agricultural waste

The non-renewable resources are degrading and is a also a polluting means of resources.  For long devising bio – fuel were sought after to provide an alternate source of energy to the world. Earlier these bio-fuels were extracted from sugarcane and corn-maize. This was called 1G ethanol. Ethanol extracted as by-product from these plants was used as fuels in many industries. They are known to minimise pollution at greater levels. This however, took a new turn when the 2G ethanol came into being.

fuel cheap

It was noted that ethanol could be extracted from the agricultural wastes produced by farmers after farming. These wastes can generate ethanol which can be a very beneficial source of power. A Department of Biotechnology has devised this wonderful means of fuel. The Science Minister Harsh Vardhan inaugurated the plant in 22nd April which could convert the fuels from the farms into ethyl alcohol or in other words bioethanol which can efficiently replace the commonly used which are imported. At Kashipur in Uttarakhand a demonstration plant was established by India Glycols Limited who also aims providing green fuels resource to the country. The 2G ethanol is will suffice the energy requirement in industries and also serve the vehicles as it is readily available. The farm waste amounts to 100 million tonnes per year and it will offer 100 million tonnes of fuel too. This fuel can be mixed with other fuels to make them less polluting. The demonstration plant that has been built has the capacity to generate about 10 tonnes of fuel per day. They can be sold at a price of Rs 25 per litre.

The government rules states that at least 5% production to be mixed with regular fuels. However, it will be increased by 2020 making India less polluted. The endeavor to make 2G ethanol is indeed appreciable and enterprising!

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