This Business man from Mumbai planted 1 Lakh trees

              In the present century when there has been such a huge deforestation and a sharp decrease in the quality of environment, a Mumbai based businessman has put forward a positive step. He turned his once adopted passion into a habit to return the favours of nature. Dilip Shah, who presently deals in commercial planting, has made it a point to make a donation of approximately one lakh small plants each year. He has been taking up this appreciable initiative for more than a decade now. This eco-friendly gesture of his has led to a great range of environmental development in Mumbai.

Image for representational purpose

A special garden area has also been registered to Dilip Shah to plant trees in the Greater Mumbai Municipal Corporation. The news of the decreasing bird population in the metro city has triggered him to distribute a large number of fruit saplings amounting to approximately 75000 round the city. His cooperation to assist in restoring the biological diversity in the city is something to be proud of. Since the last 16 years, he has planted for over a lakh small plant all around the dream city of Mumbai.

             Dilip Shah has been making a contribution to the city in a way which is not only benefitting the human population but also helped in settling the habitation of the birds and stray animals in the city. An initiative worthy of a salute!



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