This Photographer Has Saved Over 50 Lives On Juhu Beach, Mumbai

When was the last time you heard news about a person helping others? Recalling all the headlines you have read in past few days? Ok, Now when was the last time we ourselves came forward to help somebody? Unfortunately, 90% of the us who are reading this article cannot give a positive answer.

We live in a world where all we care about is our well being. Every morning we wake up with the headlines  about innocents getting murdered, girls getting raped, people getting robbed. And what do people choose to do? Probably, standing back and watch. And if you are an enthusiastic person by nature, you would probably make a video of the incidence.

But, Bunty Rao stands apart from the crowd by not caring about his life when somebody is in danger. He is surely an inspiration to young people.

Photograher - bunty rao

“Bunty Rao is a photographer by profession, and a volunteer lifeguard. This humble and kind soul has saved over 50 lives on the well-known Juhu beach of Mumbai.”

His Initial Days In Mumbai:

Bunty left his job from SAP in Jameshedpur, Jharkhand and moved to the dream city, Mumbai for livelihood. He had always been passionate about two things- Photography and Helping people.

And to convert his passion into career, he started photography for money on Juhu Beach. With a Nikon DSLR Camera round his neck and an album of sample picture, he jumps to his feet whenever he sees a potential customer. He offers to take their pictures with exotic scenery around and the gorgeous waves of the sea.

Due to his great interest in photography, he created very good impression on some directors who then offered him the opportunity to work with them. He has assisted in making documentaries and  movies like Insaan and Bewafa. He also gets appointed for photo shoots in events, weddings, parties etc. However, he manages to earn an average of Rs 500 per day, which sustains his family, living in Madh Island.

His Selfless Service:

baywatch lifeguard assosiationAn Association called Baywatch Lifeguard Association (BLA) was started by Sayeed Shama after analyzing the increasing rate of deaths/accidents on sea shores due to lack of lifeguards on the spot. The association aims attraining civilians so that they can help the people in need. They also provide first-aid training and prac
tical education on ‘how to deal with emergencies’, to hawkers at the beach and regular visitors.

Bunty also got trained from this association and now he provides free service by serving as a lifeguard.

He has saved over 50 lives in last 16 years.

“I’ve been working as a lifeguard with Baywatch Lifeguard Association(BLA) for 16 years,” Bunty says, pointing to a board with the name of the NGO at the entrance. “It is probably one of the last things visitors will see or acknowledge. But this place would not be the same without that signboard.”

“We don’t charge a fee for our services. Everything we do is for free and for the people. We also clean the beach in the mornings,” Bunty says.


ganesh visarjan at juhu

“One of the most dangerous times of the year is Ganesh visarjan. People go off into deep areas without caring about their safety,” he adds.

People generally prefer to stand back and watch. And by the time they decide to provide a helping hand, the person already drowns and is declared dead. However, Bunty never wastes a single second and immediately dives into the water to save drowning people.

While we all run away from our responsibilities, Bunty is an inspiration to everyone.

 “I stay here till 10 pm every day to make sure things are okay. People call me in case of any emergency at the beach. There have been times when the beach is absolutely crowded and no one but me watches over the people. I’ve even featured in several newspaper articles,” he says with pride.

He is the man who has understood his responsibility towards humanity; a happy man who sleeps with a feeling of satisfaction every night. He is the guy this world needs. And he is the guy who gets unnoticed.

And next time you visit Juhu, don’t forget two important things- Being careful, And sharing a word with this great soul.



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