When boys strive for education of the girls, Rajasthan revives!

Women education is being ignored still rural India. Especially in states like Rajasthan, where there is dominating patriarchal society, women are not at all considered on par with men in all aspects. They are hardly sent to schools. The school drop out rates of the girls are really high and most of them not pursuing education beyond class V. There was a dire need for renaissance in this region.

This is when “Educate Girls” comes into picture. They come in with a mission to bring back girls to the school, reviving their confidence and utilising their genius. They started off by training the young boys of Rajasthan to convince the girls about restarting their educational spree! So, the men who subdued their passion, now intrigued them to start studying. Safeena Hussain who is the Director of this project feels proud of the success rate of this venture. They are successful in decreasing the gender gap and bringing back girls to bloom with their full potential. She says, “Having these boys as champions for the girls is absolutely at the core of what we’re trying to achieve.”

A girl enjoying going to school

The men have been successful to get the women educate themselves such that they can lead a better life ahead. Rajasthan used to have 90% girl dropouts after fifth grades. She feels happy that the girls in the state now expresses interest to study, learn and go to school. More than 80,000 girls of this state are now back to the field of education thanks to the initiative – “Educate Girls”

A girl’s testimonial

This splendid mission has indeed shown its true colours. Girls who are educated tend to get a better life. They get married at the right age, are aware of the wrongs, bear healthy child, aware of deadly diseases like HIV and ultimately be independent as a person!



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