Bipin Ganatra saves thousands of lives fighting the fire

Not a professional fireman himself, 60-year-old Bipin Ganatra has been saving thousands of lives from fire accidents around the city of Kolkata. Due to his bravery and his amazing efforts for the people, the Centre has awarded him with the Padma Shri award.

His brother’s demise became his inspiration

When Bipin Ganatra was 12 years old, his elder brother Narendra died in a fire accident. After this tragedy, Bipin had to drop out of school. This incident affected Bipin emotionally. After this, he decided to help anyone caught in a similar situation. In the 5 decades since then, he has volunteered to help in more than 100 fires. He participates in every activity from extinguishing the fire to cleaning up the debris. His aim is to help people and not succumb to fire.

Fire-fighting was Bipin Ganatra’s childhood obsession

As a child, Bipin would chase fire trucks and follow fire sirens whenever he heard them. He would also hang around watching firefighters at work, learning from them and helping them. After dropping out of school, Bipin did various odd jobs before becoming a volunteer fireman.

Bipin Ganatra’s firefighting journey

Bipin keeps on hunting for fires by watching the news on his TV all day and night. Whenever he hears news of a fire, he immediately calls the fire department and himself reaches the spot too. He is fondly called the fire chaser.

Bipin Ganatra at work

In various accidents, he has himself been hurt, injured and burnt. But this hasn’t deterred the 60-year-old even a bit.

Determined to fight till his last

Growing age and increasing wrinkles are posing a negligible hindrance for this brave man. He is determined to risk his life to save a thousand others till his very last breath. The Centre as well as we salute this brave man. We believe that he is an example of extraordinary courage and determination.


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